Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In the Tin

Tin is a malleableductile and highly crystalline silvery-white metal. When a bar of tin is bent, a crackling sound known as the tin cry can be heard due to the twinning of the crystals.- Wikipedia


 June 11, 1950

My dear Beatrix Laukahi-moemoe,

You are asleep, but you and I know you hear the glide and scratch of my pen as I write. Lying in wait, your 'ike grows. Low to the ground you will develop in time. This letter I write, we will read together again and again. It's a small letter but then you are small, too. One letter at a time you and me will learn about the magic of putting ink onto paper. It's magic, and it's your talent, writing. Your papa, your Moon the milkman will leave you notes like this one once a year, on your birthday. It is our special way of twinning making pa'a two things. 

This is the first note, and your first milk bottle. When we are pau reading each of your notes, they will go into my favorite tin box. As you grow bigger, the tin box will fill with notes and we will eat the crackers that came in the box. Ono stuff my dear, crackers and writing. My Tutu always told me patience is something no man can take from you. So this is how you and me learn about patience. I write, we read. I write, we read. Then you learn to write, we read. Ho'omana.

Happy Birthday baby girl. Hauoli la hanau
Your Moon )

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