Thursday, July 7, 2016

Notes from the writer's desk

Dear Readers,

I hope you are enjoying the unfolding story of Beatrix Blunt as much as I am. As with all the other medicine stories I have written this one began with a physical symptom, an expression of the reality of living with the illness MCS. This condition/illness is a many faceted expression of being in no small way what Earth feels every day and night of her life. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is an inconvenient illness because it makes others uncomfortable dealing with the symptoms that don't stay the same, and could ask them to make changes that would inconvenience them -- change their habits, stop a convenient behavior, stop polluting, or consuming. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is inconvenient to those of us who live with the illness for as with all illness the pace at which we have been used to being human is changed, usually dramatically; and the solutions are not easy to find nor stable. How inconvenient.

I began writing Beatrix Blunt after being inspired by a piece of writing that I read in our local (Seattle) online 'magazine' the SLOG. The writing and the issue is one I knew, and experience: Forests Burning. Like the character Beatrix Blunt I use oxygen to breathe when forests burn, or my neighbors burn their fires inside their chimneys or in piles outside. Rather than recount my initial motive and fuel for writing, I leave you this link to read Charles Mudede's SLOG post to get a feel of it, if you choose. That was the spark. But what has come from that initial source has led to the twelve-installments of the story thus far. Ending with "Leavings" and the conundrum facing the three characters: the young intern Alexa E., Leslie Mills former Miss Hawaii, 1974 and Beatrix Blunt blogger and journalist on the verge of retirement from public life. The trio has been visited by a ghost, and the ghost brought music and flowers. Now what?

"There are threads and themes of story written into the bones ..."

The stars and circumstances in life today are conspiring with me. I believe it is time to take this story and grow it into a novel. There are threads and themes of story written into the bones of these twelve-installments that beckon, shout more like it, for the meat of the larger version. So with the blessings of those stars, the Ancestors, and my guardians who know what story needs to be told, I tell you this medicine story will grow behind the scenes as a novel. Below the astrology of a two year forecast looks to me like a good time to engage in 'vigorous activity and self-assertion.' There is history and story to tell on many levels, and in doing it well, there could be art to remedy the inconvenience of greed, consumption and oppression. 

Below are the astrological markers that are inspiring me to use the energy I do have to write Beatrix's story. I hope you will read and re-read the installments written, and be curious about the bigger story. The "Inspiration" link on the sidebar of this blog include many of the hipu'u the knots of potential in this big net of themes. 1 While I investigate and string one with the other, you may find something in the links that is interesting, curious, confusing in your personal wayfinding. If you are spurred to, leave a comment here for discussion. That would be interesting.

I cannot predict the path of this unfolding decision, but feel energized to pursue it with vigor and write a story fueled by outrage, and delivered with reverence for life, and an application of ho'omana to suit my original design. 2

Keep track of Beatrix and the story begun here, by coming back from time to time.Writing a novel is a whole other level of storytelling, there are things to learn about this version of the craft, and reaching out to people who can help me do that will another experience for a ripening elder. Uranus is known for his influence in revolution. May I be primed and ready to take my place in it.


"Uranus trine Mars: Stepping outBeginning of June 2016 until beginning of February 2018: This influence represents an opportunity for vigorous activity and self-assertion. Even if you are naturally a somewhat shy and retiring person, this influence will enable you to make your mark on the world around you. Others will stand up and take notice when they see that you are able to break out of your old habits and ways of acting. You will show new sides of yourself and attempt to do things that you wouldn't usually try. Quite likely you will succeed. It is not that you couldn't have done these things before but that you didn't believe you could.You may choose to work at new activities with others, but only if they allow you to be yourself. You are not in the mood to compromise, because you do not see any need to, and you are probably right. At the same time you don't feel any particular need to make other people go along with you either. You are quite content to go your own way and work by yourself. You will set out to accomplish tasks and begin new projects of your own that are expressions of who and what you are.Under this influence you may become interested in other people's freedom, because you understand from your own efforts that it may be difficult for them to gain their freedom. For this reason you may become involved in organizations that work for the rights of others and help them to become liberated in some way. You will help those who are engaged in the same kinds of fights that you have had to wage in your life.If you feel that you have never had the opportunity to show everyone who you are and that you have been limited by other people or by circumstances beyond your control, this influence gives you the opportunity to take control of your own life and make it what you want.

Uranus sextile Uranus: The other way around
Beginning of July 2016 until beginning of March 2018: Now, at the age of around seventy, you experience a time when you can gain great insights into your relationship with the larger world, but the emphasis is different. Instead of learning about the outside world and your place in it, you are likely to focus on what you have got from your life. You will reflect on your encounter with the outside world and what your personal values mean in it. Throughout much of your life you may have been so concerned with making your business, professional and social life work out as you wanted that you haven't paid enough attention to your inner life and needs. Insights gained at this time will cause you to reevaluate your goals and give your personal needs a higher priority. You are no longer bound by the obligations that prevented you from doing this before. Now you are free to explore your own inner world and come to a better understanding of who you are and how your life has fitted your needs." - Excerpt from Robert Hand's 'Short Report Forecast' (mine) from Astrodienst

1 Hipu'u. Knot, bond, fastening; to tie a knot. This reference relates particularly to the knots used to make nets. In this video presentation with Kalei Nu'uhiwa about Haumea, the connection is elegantly Hawaiian. Click here to watch and listen to a lesson in the meaning of knots and potential.

2 Ho'omana. to place in authority, empower, authorize. This definition is a simple one that alludes to the the greater story that is power, mana, unfolding over time. Click here to watch and listen to a young woman, Puni Jackson, speak about ho'omana with all its implications.

3 Aloha. This word is perhaps the most used of 'olelo Hawaii, Hawaiian language. A word used through the world, and in many contexts. I leave this footnote here as a way to acknowledge a request I received recently. Someone in our community sought me as a resource, and wanted my help with the translation of a chant she loved. Through that experience I was given a refresher course in Aloha, and was led to this video with kumu Pilahi Paki. Click to learn about this teacher, and the background to the writing of her definition of Aloha, and the Aloha Chant.

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